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Formed in the mid sixties, Lynx 4 established themselves in Kent and south east London .  They were a star attraction at the Avery Hill Teacher Training College in Eltham, London SE9 whilst the outskirts of London including Dulwich was a haven for live bands at Saturday night "hops" after the match.  The College, Rugby, Cricket and Football Club circuit became regular venues.

Lynx 4 supported such acts as The Kinks at Eltham Baths and The Mojos at a May Ball at The Mansion, Avery Hill in Eltham SE9.  Having won several "battle of the bands" type competitions at London venues such as Wimbledon Palais and the "2 i's" in Soho, they recorded in the famous Abbey Road Studios with a young (Sir) Tim Rice at the recording desk.

Lynx 4   Mick  Cater   Martin Davies  Roger  Bowman     Ron Morris

Lynx 4           Eltham High Street, London SE9 1964 

Ron Morris, Mick Cater, Martin Davies (up the pole!!) and Roger Bowman

Lynx 4 at ABC Cinema    Eltham London SE9

Ron Morris guitar, Mick Cater guitar, Martin Davies drums, Roger Bowman bass.

Mick, Martin, Roger and Ron at the ABC,   Eltham Palace Cinema.

Lynx 4 play to fans in Eltham, London SE9. Note the blue jackets made  to measure by Bill Cater, bespoke tailor to Lynx 4. 

Lynx 4 fans with the band outside the ABC Cinema in Eltham, London, SE9.

Sue, reliving her youth as Lynx 4's first fan club secretary.

Lynx 4 playing in a church youth club.  St Francis Church Hall, Sibthorpe Road, Lee, South East London.  This was Lynx 4's first gig with the present line up.

Roger and Mick with a young Clive Biley of Normans Music in Well Hall Road Eltham London, SE9.  Roger and Mick bought their guitars here. Clive can still be contacted at the shop: www.normansmusic.co.uk . The shop, Norman's Music of Eltham  celebrated its 100th anniversary in June 2014.

Roger and Mick from Lynx 4 recreate the photo in Normans Music, Eltham with Clive Biley in June 2014, the 100th Anniversary of the shop.

Lynx 4 play to a packed house at ABC Cinema Eltham SE9.

Thanks to Roz Britnell of the magazine "SEnine" for the feature in the March 2010 edition on "Local Lynx" using some of the above photos. See www.senine.co.uk

Mick, Roger, Martin and Ron of Lynx 4 rehearse in Martin's home in Dunvegan Road, Eltham, London SE9.

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