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Lynx 4 Isle of Wight Rock

Lynx 4 play at the Quay Arts Cantre in Newport Isle of Wight

Lynx 4 play for Cliffy and his family and friends. 

Gail relives her Carisbrooke Grammar School days with Rock and Roll from Lynx 4.

We have had very successful weekends away with Lynx 4 in Blankenburg, Belgium for "Bopping in Belgium with Lynx 4" and  at Sandown, Isle of Wight for  "Isle of Wight Rock with Lynx 4".

ISLE OF WIGHT ROCK  with Lynx 4 " at  The Trouville Hotel Sandown, Isle of Wight.

Megan and friends help out Lynx 4 on "guitars".  Happy birthday Megan.

Organizer Kathy leading "Hi Ho Silver Lining."

Lynx 4 tuning up before the wonderful ballroom floor fills up.

Girls strut their stuff to Lynx 4

Organizer Gerry with Eve dancing to Lynx 4. Thanks for a wonderful Weekend Away with Lynx 4 Gerry.

Sunday 24 March.  After midnight and jackets come off as Lynx 4 play into the early hours.

Tony on "guitar" enjoying the limelight with Lynx 4 on stage.

A successful three days, two nights dinner, bed and breakfast with entertainment and special live music 60's dance on Saturday 24 March with Lynx 4.  Thanks to  Organiser Gerry of "Nights Out" .


Saturday 25 March 2006: Trouville Hotel Ballroom, Sandown, Isle of Wight

Lynx 4: Roger, Martin, Ron and Mick on stage in the Ballroom at The Trouville Hotel Sandown Isle of Wight

"Hi Ho Silver Lining" from Lynx 4 prompt the audience to join in with gusto.

"Hi Ho Silver Lining" from Lynx 4 prompt the audience to join in with gusto!!

Ron plays guitar whilst Mick conducts the audience for "Hi Ho Silver Lining"

Lynx 4 on stage as guests take to the marvellous dance floor of the ballroom at the Trouville Hotel.

Fantastic dancing from "rubber legs" Wally as Lynx 4 play good ol' rock and roll.

Goodbye from me and goodbye from him (Martin with Gerry March, the organiser of the Weekend Away with Lynx 4)!

Friday 24 March 2006 Trouville Hotel Sandown Isle of Wight

Sound check in the Ballroom at the Trouville, showing the famous floor, the best on the Island.

"We heard the music and just had to come in and dance".  Lynx 4 have an audience for their sound check!!

Thanks to Gerry March for organising weekends away with Lynx 4.